Inspired by Vintage


I went to a few vintage shops this past week and found some real gems. I was really inspired by all of the pieces that I found and decided to do a little “Matching with Vintage” post.

The star of the show today is this beautiful olive green leather bag. It’s complete with a long skinny green strap, enamel detail and gold closure. Being so obsessed with these green tones right now, I paired in with this cropped green jacket and thrifted white denim with black sandals. The shape of this jacket is beautiful and it compliments the vintage bag.

A second post inspired by vintage will be coming next week so stay tuned!



New Year’s Eve Essentials

I have been trying out some new products recently and was feeling inspired to write a bit about New Year’s Eve. I’m especially ready for 2017 but first I have one thing left to do in 2016. We are currently pit-stopping in Nashville right now but are heading on down to Charleston tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier to be back with my parents in such a charming city.

My parents moved all the way from Sheboygan, WI to Charleston, SC this year and it’s been a bit of a tough one. Although I didn’t get to see them over any holidays this year, I am going to be with them for New Years Eve. New Year’s Eve was a strictly family holiday growing up; my mom insisted on this because she new that once we were all grown up it wouldn’t be so easy to corral us all together. It really didn’t bother me growing up, in fact I loved NYE. It meant some kind of extravagant meal, like my stepdad making homemade sushi, and playing board games all night just waiting for the count-down. But no matter what, it was always very special.

Because it was so special, I have always enjoyed getting jazzed up for the occasion. It was half the fun. So here are just a few products that are going to get me through the passing of one year to the next while I celebrate with my family.

About a month ago I picked up the Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples and have been loving it ever since. The bronzer, blush and highlight are creams that are highly pigmented and easy to blend. They also stay put all day which make them great for a NYE look. The Pixi Fairy Dust Favorites are part of the holiday range but they are great for everyday use. There are 5 loose eyeshadow shades that are all matte, I love this because my go-to party look is a 60’s matte cut-crease. I usually take a fluffy shadow brush and spray a bit of face mist onto it then dip in the pot and tap of the excess. I have found that that’s the easiest way to apply.

My base is always the Glossier Skin Tint because it’s really the best. If you haven’t tried it out yet, please do. I have been trying out the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and I am finding that it is the best concealer yet. It doesn’t crease and is long-lasting. The color match for me is perfect which can be tricky because I am so pale yet warm undertones. If you have warm undertones, I’d recommend checking out this concealer.

Last but not least, my eyelash curler and my favorite lipstick. I love the NYX matte lipsticks. This one is in Pure Red and is the perfect pop of red as the focal point of my NYE look.

Tell me what NYE look you’re going for in the comments or if you’ve tried out any of these products already!

Guide to Shopping Small and Local on Saturday 

Black Friday is upon us, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not take the day off, lounge around in your pajamas all day, sip coffee, read some books and all the while spend time with family and friends? And instead of buying all of your holiday gifts this year from the big box stores, try Small Business Saturday this year.

Upon moving to Milwaukee 3 years ago, I became instantly engulfed in the the local business community here. Milwaukee is full of them. Literally brimming to the top with them. And they are all amazing in their own ways. I’m talking, coffee roasters, candle pourers, jewelry makers, artists, craft brewers, and the list of artisans goes on and on. That’s really the only reason one should need to go out and shop local this Saturday.

Even more so, shopping local does so much good for the local economy and for the environment. The stats have been piling up over the years and it’s evident, shopping local is better than the big box stores. Here are some links to stats and facts incase you’re not 100% sold.







So here is the stock list of my favorite local Milwaukee shops and spots to hit this Saturday:

Enjoy your Black Friday off and I’ll see you on Saturday for Small Business Saturday!

It’s a Mod Weekend: Every night is date night

Harrison and I love planning surprise dates for each other, this night in particular was my night to plan the surprise date. I always enjoy getting to plan dates and they almost always involve art and food. Actually, I take that back, they ALWAYS include art and food. I know, typical. Although we love to plan dates we really feel as though every night is like a date night, hence the title of the post. So here is what I conjured up on this half-summer/half-fall evening.

First of all, I wanted to take Harrison to the Portrait Gallery Society which is exhibiting Revealing Nature from Pedro Vélez  and Greg Klassen. I have been wanting to see this since it opened last week but when we got there, it wasn’t open which is always quite typical when I plan things. So we decided to wander the streets and pop in and out of shops. We went to Anodyne in the Public Market and had Rishi’s Rose Melange iced tea. We also got dinner from our favorite sandwich shop there.

Fortunately, the building that the Portrait Gallery Society is in has open house gallery nights every third Friday of the month for all the galleries that it holds. So we went back to the Portrait Gallery Society but it was still closed. So we checked out the Luckystar studio which was showing various pieces from local artists. See if you can spot the Wilco print hanging on the wall. Harrison and I might just be going back to get that.

We went back home after that and snuggled in. I decided to make pepita and fig butter quinoa stuffed pears with lavender sugar, that we had just gotten at the Public Market, sprinkled on top. A-MAZING. And it went so well with Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. It was such a well spent evening and another great date night for the books.