Green has been my favorite color of 2017 thus far. Not only do I love what it stands for but it also gives me that same feeling you get at the end of September when everything is at the cusp of change. So you can’t blame me with a look like this that packs a green punch.


Tell Me Something New

Fun fact: I bought this t-shirt without reading the back of it. Turns out it reads “Tell me something new. Same old same old story bro.” Which I actually find quite amusing.

I love this wrap skirt but thought it needed to be dressed down. So this was the perfect opportunity to sport the Vans slip-ons, t-shirt and wicker bag. This makes for comfortable and easy summer outfit, which is my number one priority in summer.

Skirt / Tshirt / Vans (similar) / 

Inspired by Vintage


I went to a few vintage shops this past week and found some real gems. I was really inspired by all of the pieces that I found and decided to do a little “Matching with Vintage” post.

The star of the show today is this beautiful olive green leather bag. It’s complete with a long skinny green strap, enamel detail and gold closure. Being so obsessed with these green tones right now, I paired in with this cropped green jacket and thrifted white denim with black sandals. The shape of this jacket is beautiful and it compliments the vintage bag.

A second post inspired by vintage will be coming next week so stay tuned!


Winter Capsule Wardrobe 

My journey with a Capsule Wardrobe started almost a year ago already. Time has really flown by but I have definitely learned a lot about my style, clothing and consumerism over the past year. I have to say that I really do believe that a Capsule Wardrobe is the best way to organize your life and also force you to realize exactly what goes into the clothes you wear. How they are made, where they are made, who made them…etc. My journey for this next year is going to involve supporting ethically sourced, made and produced clothing including eco-friendly made clothing. Consuming less is inherently eco-friendly but I would still like to strive to push my ethical and ecological backbone even further. For now though, here are just some ways I’ve worked with my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

Using accessories has become critical during the winter months. Most days I wear a chunky sweater and jeans so layering with scarves, jewelry and bags has definitely been a focus of my spending for my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

My sweater collection was big enough from my Fall Capsule Wardrobe that I didn’t really need to purchase any sweaters. So I bought a new pair of jeans because I wanted to get a pair that would last and be versatile throughout the changing of trends. They still have ripped hems though; I don’t think I’ll ever get over that trend.

Exhibit A: stacking on the jewelry. This is actually a bit excessive for me but, case in point. Jewelry can change a minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe in so many ways.

Some how I lucked out this year. It hasn’t been nearly as cold as it normally is so I haven’t purchased a warmer winter coat. I’m still wearing this teddy bear one from last year but it’s warm enough and I feel comfortable in it so there’s no need to change it.

It’s even been warm enough on some days to just wear my leather jacket which astounds me. Also I’m clearly not over the cami over tee ensemble. So 90’s, so understated ‘cool’.

Keep an eye out for my future Capsule Wardrobe post because I will most certainly be including some ethical brands that I am supporting for 2017.

A Weekend In My Capsule Wardrobe 

A few weeks ago I started a Capsule Wardrobe, you can read that post here. I wanted to simplify my wardrobe and to finally have a wardrobe that I was really happy and comfortable with. The Capsule Wardrobe was the answer to that and I am still a bit in shock of how much it has simplified so many aspects of my life, from getting ready in the morning to picking out something to wear for a specific occasion. For those who don’t know the Capsule Wardrobe is a 37ish piece wardrobe that consists only of versatile clothing and shoes that you ABSOLUTELY love that changes seasonally, read my full post for more insight. 37 might not seem like a huge number but once you have only the stuff you love in your wardrobe, life gets so much easier and you also realize how many versatile outfit you can exactly make. I wanted to share with you a few outfits from my Capsule Wardrobe to show you just how versatile it actually is. I have come of with various occasions throughout any given weekend that require different outfits. I had a lot of fun creating these looks, let me know if you would like to see more posts like this!


Blouse: Gap (similar), Culottes: Old Navy Ankle boots: Aldo  Bag: thrifted


Jacket: Macy’s  Blouse: J.Crew Denim: Old Navy Flats: Old Navy Bag: Vintage


Cardigan: Old Navy Denim: J.Crew Mules: Forever 21

It’s a Mod Life Chats 


Last Sunday, Samantha Nitti and I sat down and had a little chat over coffee. This is nothing new to us; coffee and good conversation is our best past-time. Samantha and I have been friends for about 2 years and I think I know her pretty well. She has a creatively visual soul with passions to help people in need, live simply and wander to new places. She is the person that you really want to go grab a coffee and chat with, so pause what you’re doing right now, go grab a coffee and then come back to read through our conversation.


First off, tell us, who are you? 

Samantha: Hi, I’m Samantha. I’m from the Chicago suburbs and am pursuing a bachelors of science in nursing at university of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I live on the east side of the city in an apartment off of downer near the lake. I spend my time reading, creating, volunteering, exploring, and blogging.

What are some of the biggest inspirations for your blog and creative pursuits?

Samantha: My biggest inspirations for my blog and creative pursuits are things from every day life strolling through the city to the accounts I follow on social media. I keep up with Treasures and Travels, The Way Family Blog, Chelsie Antos, and of course, my sister, Kara Nitti. I take photos of “ordinary” things, like my morning coffee or a recipe I tried, and of adventures through cities and national parks. I definitely believe in the idea that really, nothing is ordinary; beauty surrounds us wherever we are! My blog and Instagram are mostly outlets for me to document those simple, every day things that bring me joy.

Where is your favorite place to grab a cup of coffee in Milwaukee?

Samantha: I’ve been to almost every coffee shop in Milwaukee at this point, but Valentine is probably my favorite. The Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Mocha is delicious! Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is definitely a close second, though. You can’t really beat biscuits with maple butter plus a bright, clean interior.

Kickapoo Coffee Roasters
in MilwaukeeWhat are your favorite things about living in Milwaukee?

Samantha: I love living in a city. I like for life to be fast-paced and purposeful, and Milwaukee has given me that. I also enjoy that Milwaukee is so accessible. I’ve been very lucky to see a lot of it with public transportation. Most of my social activities revolve around coffee, museums, concerts, or outdoor pursuits. Milwaukee isn’t lacking in any of these areas, so I have felt very socially fulfilled here.

What have you enjoyed the most about creating a blog?

Samantha: I like having a blog to have a creative outlet. Art has always been a really big part of my life. I grew up taking art classes since I was in kindergarten and was also involved with National Art Honor Society in high school. Before I started blogging, I felt like I was lacking something in my life and realized I hadn’t been putting much time into anything artistic or creative. It can be difficult to juggle different passions in life, but blogging has allowed me to achieve a little bit more balance that way and relieve some everyday stress.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start blogging but isn’t sure about how to get started?

Samantha: If you want to start a blog, really think about content you’re passionate about. If what you want to take photos of and write about is very important or interesting to you, the product will be of high quality. If you’re planning to incorporate photos, either invest in a camera or utilize a contact to take photos for your blog.

What are some of your most defining characteristics and how do you think they are emulated into your personal style?

Samantha: I think to me, the most important characteristics I want to convey are kindness, empathy, and authenticity. In terms of style, I have become increasingly interested in simplifying wardrobe and buying quality items, preferably for life. My closet consists of a lot of earth tones: whites, olives, beiges, rusts, and greys. I like to layer with t-shirts and button ups/jackets or accessories with necklaces, rings, and hats. My staples are denim, stripes, and plain white t-shirts.

What are some of your goals for this year and what are some things you’re looking forward to?

Samantha: My personal goals for 2016 are to focus on travel and meaningful conversations, continue to create, focus on self care, and rely on God more.

You can find Samantha on instagram here.

Adventures in Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

A few months ago, I saw some articles about a capsule wardrobe and at first glance I thought it was just one of those fads. You know the ones, where everyone hops on the bandwagon about a miracle, life saving something or other and then a few months later it’s almost as if it never existed? This might be one of those things but despite that, I still feel like this might just work.

Let me explain what exactly is a capsule wardrobe. It’s simply a refined wardrobe consisting of 37 versatile pieces that you absolutely love. At the base of the idea is the phrase, “less is more.” By paring down the items in your wardrobe to about 37 pieces, you have more room to keep track of your clothing and have an easier time picking out something to wear. Having only 37 key pieces of clothing might seem scary but by having less you get more of the things you love; you get a wardrobe that you actually like. Obviously 37 isn’t a cut and dry number, you can have as many pieces of clothing that you absolutely love but 37 is a good start.

The capsule wardrobe is a season dependent wardrobe. Meaning that at the end of each season, you go through your wardrobe and clear out the things that you won’t be able to wear into the next season or you just didn’t wear it as much as you though you would. When starting out at first, pair down what you already own to 37 items and try to live with them for a week or so without doing any shopping. This way you can really see what is lacking from your wardrobe and what you absolutely need to get. Once you’ve got your ideal wardrobe, start a shopping fast until the next season. This might be a deal breaker for some but in all honesty you probably won’t want to shop as much because you’ll be truly happy with your wardrobe the way it is.

So after being a little fed up with a constantly messy wardrobe and feeling like I have nothing to wear all the time, I decided that this would be a good option for me. I went through my entire wardrobe, took everything out, and looked at each piece of clothing and placed them into one of four piles.

  • I love it and I would wear it right now. It fits, it’s well suited to my lifestyle, and I feel confident in it. These are the pieces that are going to start your capsule wardrobe so put them back into your closet.
  • Maybe. These are items are ones that either don’t fit right, you paid a lot for and don’t want to get rid of, it has sentimental value or you just don’t wear it. Pack these clothes into a box and store them away for now. At the end of the season, if they are still in the box then it’s time to donate.
  • No. You never wear it and don’t even like it. Donate.
  • Seasonal. You love these pieces and they are a necessity but don’t work for the season that you’re in. Store these away and come back to them in the next season.

 Now I got rid of stuff that I wore in high school and things that really don’t suit my personal style anymore as I’ve grown quite a bit in my personal taste. Some of the stuff I couldn’t believe that I still owned. I really do feel like I have more clothes to work with despite having less because I have cleared out all of the “cluttered” clothes from my closet and only have what I really love.

Next, we’re on to how to structure your capsule wardrobe. Everyone’s will be different but a good base is to think in terms of three’s. Three tops, three sweaters, and three button-up’s and then fill in with a jacket or vest. Three jeans, three pants and three skirts and fill that in with a dress or another piece like that. Seasonally you might opt for two winter jackets, or maybe three pairs of shorts instead of pants. Shoes are another part of the Capsule Wardrobe and a really good number to start with is six pairs. For winter you might have tall boots, ankle boots, sneakers, slip-on sneakers, oxfords and maybe a pair of heels. The capsule wardrobe doesn’t include handbags, accessories or clothing essentials like undergarments, formal wear and gym attire. This leaves you a lot of room to change up different outfits with different handbags and accessories.

With only just starting my capsule wardrobe I already feel at ease when deciding what to wear in the morning and it really does shorten my getting ready time. The whole point of the capsule wardrobe is to have an efficient wardrobe that fits your everyday lifestyle. Look for my next seasons post on my capsule wardrobe update and new purchases. If you try this out, let me know how it goes!