How To Wear A Metallic Eye

Wearing a metallic eye can sometimes be difficult. At times it can feel “hard to pull off” or other times it can just feel too “extra.” I find that the best way to accomplish this look is to keep everything else simple and neutral. Then add a pop of metallic to the crease, or right above the crease like I’ve done here. I think this can be a great way to wear metallic eyeshadow on a day to day basis. What are your favorite ways to wear a metallic eye?


Parisian Summer Cocktail

There might not be anything in existence that is as good as a chilled cocktail in the dead heat of summer. So here I am, coming through for you with a perfect summer cocktail. To top it off it’s Bastille day, hence the use of St. Germain and Rosé. This one’s fairly easy and extremely refreshing. What you need:

  1. .5 bottle of Rosé
  2. 1 can of tonic water
  3. The juice of one lime plus slices for garnish
  4. 2 shots of St. Germain

It’s as easy as mixing ingredients 1, 3, and 4 together then pouring it into a vintage style glass about 2/3rds full. Top it off with some tonic water and a slice of lime. This recipe makes 2 servings so mix and enjoy!

Beauty Staples Restocked 

I’ve recently picked up some fresh and new beauty staples. These are some of my favorite products and hence, staples in my beauty wardrobe. I was teeter-tottering between the Tarte Shape Tape and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for the past month and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a pride and true narsissist, at least when it comes to this concealer. Here are a few pluses: the wand is the perfect size for just concealing where you need it, it doesn’t oxidize and is the perfect shade for me, it doesn’t crease around my nose or eyes and lasts all day long. I highly recommended it if this fits the description of what you’re looking for. The Pacifica Aquarian Gaze is just one of the best mascaras in my opinion. It doesn’t clump, it’s waterproof and has a natural finish to the lashes. I might be biased because I’m an Aquarius but, hey. I always prefer to powder over my concealer, it just lasts longer. For this reason, I love using the Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder. It’s translucent, light weight and helps keep my makeup intact all day.

Nars Radiant  Creamy Concealer / Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara / Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder /

My Top 3 Cookbooks 

Fun fact: my dream career as a child was to be a chef. I’ve always had an innate love for food, cooking and cookbooks. I grew up in a household where Barefoot Contessa cookbooks were flowing and this had a big impact on me.  I tend to gravitate towards cookbooks with great photos and, lots of them. Being a Francophone comes with its territories; I’m pretty sure there’s a rule book stating that every francophone must love French food or at least just food in general. But I also am deeply tide to my Swedish roots and love everything Scandinavian, including the food. So my top 3 cookbooks incorporate all of these criterium.

My Paris Kitchen by David Leibovitz is such a good book for the current day in age. There are plenty of classic French dishes but he also incorporates a lot of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes which I really appreciate. The photos are beautiful and he talks a lot of having a very ‘basic’ kitchen, essentially a French kitchen. Small, probably no counter space and limited gadgets. But that’s okay because some of the best food comes from French kitchens. This is another quality I really enjoy about this book. I don’t get around to making much of the main dishes in here, because its all meat, but my favorite recipe is the Israeli Couscous. It’s a staple of mine. Sometimes I make it with quinoa for a bit of a healthier option but I love using dates, figs, lemon preserves and cinnamon to make this dish.

Nordic Light by Simon Bajada is just wow. It left me speechless when I first flipped through it. The photos pack a punch in the best way possible and the recipes are classically Scandinavian but with healthy twists. I especially love making the fish recipes in here as an inexperienced cooker of meats and fish. On Mother’s Day I made my mom the buckwheat crepes and salted caramel sauce. They were amazing and the salted caramel sauce is a great solution to an otherwise unhealthy option. It’s nut butter, honey, maple syrup and sea salt. Mix it together and voilà a very healthy salted caramel sauce. I feel that these are the kinds of recipes I will be making for decades to come.

Fika and Hygge by Brontë Aurell is true gold. The photos, the hygge and the delicious recipes are enough for me for the rest of my life. I just want beautiful winter weather, unlimited baking time and a cup of coffee when flipping through this book. The recipes are a lot to take on; most of them have several components that can be time consuming but it is always worth it. I love the rhubarb custard cake the most out of everything I’ve made from this one. The perfect balance of cake and custard and rhubarb will forever be a favorite of mine.


Graphic Green Liner Look

Today I’m showing you a recent look I’ve been loving that’s inspired by watermelon. A graphic green winged eyeliner look thats squared off and completed with a peach/coral lip color. Enjoy!

Eyeliner: Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Matte Khaki
Highlight: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlighter in Exposed
Lip: Hema Soft Matte Lip Balm in Colour 1

Inspired by Vintage


I went to a few vintage shops this past week and found some real gems. I was really inspired by all of the pieces that I found and decided to do a little “Matching with Vintage” post.

The star of the show today is this beautiful olive green leather bag. It’s complete with a long skinny green strap, enamel detail and gold closure. Being so obsessed with these green tones right now, I paired in with this cropped green jacket and thrifted white denim with black sandals. The shape of this jacket is beautiful and it compliments the vintage bag.

A second post inspired by vintage will be coming next week so stay tuned!