Green has been my favorite color of 2017 thus far. Not only do I love what it stands for but it also gives me that same feeling you get at the end of September when everything is at the cusp of change. So you can’t blame me with a look like this that packs a green punch.


Tell Me Something New

Fun fact: I bought this t-shirt without reading the back of it. Turns out it reads “Tell me something new. Same old same old story bro.” Which I actually find quite amusing.

I love this wrap skirt but thought it needed to be dressed down. So this was the perfect opportunity to sport the Vans slip-ons, t-shirt and wicker bag. This makes for comfortable and easy summer outfit, which is my number one priority in summer.

Skirt / Tshirt / Vans (similar) / 

Inspired by Vintage


I went to a few vintage shops this past week and found some real gems. I was really inspired by all of the pieces that I found and decided to do a little “Matching with Vintage” post.

The star of the show today is this beautiful olive green leather bag. It’s complete with a long skinny green strap, enamel detail and gold closure. Being so obsessed with these green tones right now, I paired in with this cropped green jacket and thrifted white denim with black sandals. The shape of this jacket is beautiful and it compliments the vintage bag.

A second post inspired by vintage will be coming next week so stay tuned!


Winter Capsule Wardrobe 

My journey with a Capsule Wardrobe started almost a year ago already. Time has really flown by but I have definitely learned a lot about my style, clothing and consumerism over the past year. I have to say that I really do believe that a Capsule Wardrobe is the best way to organize your life and also force you to realize exactly what goes into the clothes you wear. How they are made, where they are made, who made them…etc. My journey for this next year is going to involve supporting ethically sourced, made and produced clothing including eco-friendly made clothing. Consuming less is inherently eco-friendly but I would still like to strive to push my ethical and ecological backbone even further. For now though, here are just some ways I’ve worked with my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

Using accessories has become critical during the winter months. Most days I wear a chunky sweater and jeans so layering with scarves, jewelry and bags has definitely been a focus of my spending for my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

My sweater collection was big enough from my Fall Capsule Wardrobe that I didn’t really need to purchase any sweaters. So I bought a new pair of jeans because I wanted to get a pair that would last and be versatile throughout the changing of trends. They still have ripped hems though; I don’t think I’ll ever get over that trend.

Exhibit A: stacking on the jewelry. This is actually a bit excessive for me but, case in point. Jewelry can change a minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe in so many ways.

Some how I lucked out this year. It hasn’t been nearly as cold as it normally is so I haven’t purchased a warmer winter coat. I’m still wearing this teddy bear one from last year but it’s warm enough and I feel comfortable in it so there’s no need to change it.

It’s even been warm enough on some days to just wear my leather jacket which astounds me. Also I’m clearly not over the cami over tee ensemble. So 90’s, so understated ‘cool’.

Keep an eye out for my future Capsule Wardrobe post because I will most certainly be including some ethical brands that I am supporting for 2017.

My Current Jewelry Picks

Brick red and rosy hues are my current obsession when it comes to colors. Maybe it’s because November just reminds me of rosy cheeks and deep Earth colors as the Earth starts to change into reddy-brown colors. Seeing as though I don’t actually wear too much color on a day to day basis, I love having some standout jewelry pieces.

I went to FORM Fine Goods + Floral last week just to look. But I stumbled across these pale pink crescent studs and I just fell in-love with them. Of course the color sold me right away but they are also made by local artist, Janelle Gramling so I was more than happy to have found these gems.

My amber colored ring was an impulse buy. I just saw the color and grabbed it at H&M. I’ve been looking around for a better quality version but haven’t had much luck so if you know some jewelers who have this style of an amber colored ring, please let me know in the comments!

My last favorite piece was a gift from my mom and I wear it all the time so I guess that makes it a permanent jewelry favorite. It’s a simple gold necklace with a curved tube from Dogeared; it’s one of those pieces you can wear with anything. Dogeared jewelry crafts all of their jewelry locally and all of their pieces come with various positive messages. My specific necklace had a message about balance: “a happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection but, balance.”

If you have any recommendations for jewelry brands and jewelers, please share them with me in the comments!

DIY Rose Appliqué Denim

I probably didn’t need another pair of jeans in my wardrobe but I just could not resist making my own version of the ever-so popular rose appliqué denim. Instead of buying a pair, I choose to make my own. It was so easy to make these and took almost no time at all. The flair of the roses and the frayed hem speak to my style so much.

The trick is to find the perfect pair of jeans. I was a bit weary about not being able to find a good, solid pair of jeans but basically the first pair I saw at Goodwill were these vintage L.L. Bean relaxed fit jeans. This style works perfectly for fraying the hems and the heavy denim makes it super easy to run your scissors along to fray. The rose appliqués are from the craft store although I have seen quite a few online.


  • vintage denim, thrifted
  • rose appliqués
  • iron
  • scissors

Here’s what I did:

  1. Choose the right length of denim for you. I used another pair of my jeans for length reference the just cut them based on that.
  2. Open the scissors and hold the hems taught while you run the scissors along the hem. It can be a bit of a slow process but eventually they will start to fray.
  3. I chose not to sew the hems right away because I want them to fray a bit more. But eventually I will sew along the top of the frayed part. You can do this at any point.
  4. Heat up the iron and position the rose appliqués where you want them on your jeans. Follow the ironing directions that come with the appliqués to iron the appliqués into place.

And that’s about it! It’s a simple process and the result is a really ‘cool’ pair of jeans. Excuse me while I wear these everyday for the rest of my life.