Apartment Plants: growth + care

Last year, right around this time, I did a little plant tour video to show some love for all of my plants. Well a lot can happen in a year and my plant family has nearly tripled in size. With all of my new additions to my plant family, I felt it was only necessary to share them with you. Since I’ve kept these babies alive for quite some time as well I feel a bit like a plant parent champion and therefore am competent enough to share my plant secrets.

Norfolk Pine –  A hearty plant but it isn’t actually a pine, it just resembles one. It’s actually from the orchid family and is a tropical island plant. Definitely my favorite house plant out there. Harry knows me well and was my Valentine’s day “flowers” last year. It needs bright indirect light and I find that watering it every two weeks is best.

Cactus – My cactus is my only plant that has a name, Chubby. I keep it in a spot with bright indirect light and water it once a month.

Air plants – I love these and even made my own plant stands for them, you can check that out here. These can live where ever. Mine get bright indirect light and I water them every 3 weeks or so.

Golden Pothos – This plant has been tricky. It didn’t start growing until recently and I don’t know why. I water it about twice a week now and it has started growing a lot faster. Bright indirect sun is also great for this one.

Aloe Vera – Another resilient one. Bright indirect sunlight and water about every other week.

Rubber Tree Plant – Lots of bright indirect light and water every 9 days or so. This one can be tricky but just remember to dust the leaves off so it get’s adequate sun light.

Pencil Cactus – I have two of these, one baby and one big one. The baby one was my Valentine’s day “flowers” from Harry this year. Lots of bright light and water once a month. It’s very low maintenance so, don’t over think it.

Monstera –  A beautiful fast growing plant. Bright indirect light, shocker. Water once a week.

Dracaena – Moderate indirect light and water every two weeks.


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