3 Magazines to Read Today

Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favorite ways to read: magazines. Growing up Highlights and Teen Vogue played a big roll in my love of reading. Also, being a kid, I never got mail. So every month when my magazines would come, I was overjoyed to have mail that was just for me. That being said, magazines are a great reading material for my busy overloaded days now as an adult. On the bus, in-between classes (when I don’t have other work to do) and at night before bed. These are just a few that I find myself always going back to.

the gentlewoman: This is a biannual one that is all about strong, fresh and current women looking for inspiration, success and style. It’s a huge source of inspiration for me and this specific one was featuring Zadie Smith; I’m a huge fan.

bitch: This is my end-all and be-all of feminist media. This one is also inspiring but also educational. It inspires me to fight for equality for all people and always manages to give me fresh perspective on the world.

Apartamento: I might be so bold to say that this is my favorite magazine. Another biannual one that’s all about the ways people live; what their spaces mean and how they were formed or transformed. I always find myself thinking about the concept of art when reading this one. What truly defines creativity and in what ways does creative thinking change our world?

Gives these all a read and make your provisional daily moments meaningful.



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