Nashville, TN

Last week Harry and I trekked from Chicago to Charleston but not without stopping in Nashville first, of course. We got the idea to stop for a few days in Nashville when we found out that Chicago to Charleston was about a 14 hour trek, and that’s without stopping to fill up the gas tank or to stretch. Even the idea of it was exhausting so we decided to stop. It may have been the best desicsion of our lives because we loved Nashville more than we love each other… not really but I’m sure that it comes close.

We stayed at the best Airbnb ever, decked out, head to toe in MCM and in East Nashville which I think is the best neighborhood. We did our usually Hannah and Harry kind of activities but this time it was more like “Hannah and Harry time 2.0.” Nashville definitely upped our leisure capabilities with it’s endless cafés, record shops, bookstores, local owned businesses and the food. Oh my god the food was the best part, as it quite often is.

We stopped at White’s Mercantile, Fond Object, Grimey’s, Barista Parlor, Dose Coffee, Pharmacy Burger and Beer Garden, Imogene + Willie, Local Taco, Dozen Bakery, Two Son and loved every single one of them. Maybe we hit the jackpot or maybe Nashville is just that magical. I’m leaning towards the latter.


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