2-Minute Holiday Hairstyles

My lack of activity around here lately has been due to busyness. An overloaded schedule and a cold/flu immediately lets me know exactly what time of year it is. It might be the most wonderful time of the year but that comes with a price.

With the semester wrapping up, no pun intended, I’ve been thinking about holiday parties and family functions. Especially how I can do up my hair in a short amount of time and still feel good about it. I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my hair but I love trying different things.

These two foolproof hairstyles will have you out the door and sipping holiday cocktails in no time.

My large gold barrette from Madewell has been my bff the past few weeks. Literally all I do is gather my hair in the back, slide the clip through then close it up. Sometimes I don’t comb my hair for this because well, it’s faster but it also adds to the messy look. Add in some hairspray if you feel compelled but that is pretty much it.

I’m obsessed with the revival of the Brigitte Bardot black ribbon. For this one, I gathered my hair in the back, tucked the ribbon underneath all of the hair, brought the ribbon around and tied it into a bow.

I encourage you to try these time saving hairstyles, not only are they compliment prone but also very easy. Share you photos with me over on Instagram if you choose to try one! Happy Holidays!



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