Charleston Photo Journal

I’m sitting in the airport as I write this because I got a pinch of energy just now and I know that I might not have that later today as I woke up at 4am this morning. But alas, a very short but very charming weekend has come to an end. My parents recently moved to Charleston (whelp) and I had yet to visit them, the last one of my siblings. So I was more than jolly to make plans to come visit.

The weekend was mostly spent with puppy cuddles, Christmas decorating and spending time with my family but never the less, we headed into downtown Charleston. We went through the Charleston City Market, got lattes and strolled the streets of the French Quarter. I think my parents were happy to have their youngest child back; me, wandering endlessly and them, stopping to turn back and waiting for me after having only just realized that I was a block away snapping away photos. Here are some of those snaps that my parents patiently waited for me to take so, enjoy!

I’ll be back here in only a few weeks so expect more ‘wandering Charleston’ posts and just know that my family was probably standing around waiting for me as I snapped the photos.


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