Happy Birthday, Darling!

Darling, today you are 24 years old. 24 years full of love and light, especially the last 3 years for the time we’ve spent together. The thought of having spent your last few birthdays together brings me back to so much warmth. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but I really do love your birthday.

Watching you delight in the morning cup of coffee that I make you when it’s you, most days, who gets up in the morning to make us coffee. Singing you ‘happy birthday’ in my silliest tone, seeing your excitement in the cakes I bake for you, watching you treat yourself to an afternoon of reading (because you don’t get to do that often enough), and even giving you a pass on helping me with the dishes.

But 24, 24 is big. I have seen you accomplish so much in the last three years but I think this is your biggest year yet. Taking the leap into grad school has transformed you as a person and your continual hard-work, dedication, and passion inspire me so much everyday and I am a stronger person because of it.

Here’s to the rest of your birthdays, Darling. May we delight and cherish in each and everyone!


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