My Current Jewelry Picks

Brick red and rosy hues are my current obsession when it comes to colors. Maybe it’s because November just reminds me of rosy cheeks and deep Earth colors as the Earth starts to change into reddy-brown colors. Seeing as though I don’t actually wear too much color on a day to day basis, I love having some standout jewelry pieces.

I went to FORM Fine Goods + Floral last week just to look. But I stumbled across these pale pink crescent studs and I just fell in-love with them. Of course the color sold me right away but they are also made by local artist, Janelle Gramling so I was more than happy to have found these gems.

My amber colored ring was an impulse buy. I just saw the color and grabbed it at H&M. I’ve been looking around for a better quality version but haven’t had much luck so if you know some jewelers who have this style of an amber colored ring, please let me know in the comments!

My last favorite piece was a gift from my mom and I wear it all the time so I guess that makes it a permanent jewelry favorite. It’s a simple gold necklace with a curved tube from Dogeared; it’s one of those pieces you can wear with anything. Dogeared jewelry crafts all of their jewelry locally and all of their pieces come with various positive messages. My specific necklace had a message about balance: “a happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection but, balance.”

If you have any recommendations for jewelry brands and jewelers, please share them with me in the comments!


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