DIY Rose Appliqué Denim

I probably didn’t need another pair of jeans in my wardrobe but I just could not resist making my own version of the ever-so popular rose appliqué denim. Instead of buying a pair, I choose to make my own. It was so easy to make these and took almost no time at all. The flair of the roses and the frayed hem speak to my style so much.

The trick is to find the perfect pair of jeans. I was a bit weary about not being able to find a good, solid pair of jeans but basically the first pair I saw at Goodwill were these vintage L.L. Bean relaxed fit jeans. This style works perfectly for fraying the hems and the heavy denim makes it super easy to run your scissors along to fray. The rose appliqués are from the craft store although I have seen quite a few online.


  • vintage denim, thrifted
  • rose appliqués
  • iron
  • scissors

Here’s what I did:

  1. Choose the right length of denim for you. I used another pair of my jeans for length reference the just cut them based on that.
  2. Open the scissors and hold the hems taught while you run the scissors along the hem. It can be a bit of a slow process but eventually they will start to fray.
  3. I chose not to sew the hems right away because I want them to fray a bit more. But eventually I will sew along the top of the frayed part. You can do this at any point.
  4. Heat up the iron and position the rose appliqués where you want them on your jeans. Follow the ironing directions that come with the appliqués to iron the appliqués into place.

And that’s about it! It’s a simple process and the result is a really ‘cool’ pair of jeans. Excuse me while I wear these everyday for the rest of my life.


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