Bright and Minimal Office Space Transformation 

Me, having been very forgetful lately, forgot to take before photos of my new office space. I’m hitting myself on the head for this one because the change has been so transformative and would have probably been more inspirational if you could’ve seen the state of this little corner before.

It really wasn’t ‘bad.’ Just an old bookcase overloaded with books and the top shelves overflowing with papers. It just looked…messy. Conjointly, I was I need of an office space; a place to organize my thoughts and ideas and tackle through the last year of homework as an undergrad.

The messy corner and my need for an office space got my brain ticking. I came up with a few ideas and ultimately settled on this minimal and functional little corner office.

The inspiration for the space as a whole came from this bistro chair that I found skimming through the 2017 Ikea catalogue. I loved the unfinished look of the finish with the rattan details. It just screamed “airy” to me which is what I needed.

Our apartment is tiny, like 300 square feet tiny, so I knew that having a desk with clean lines would be important as to not clutter the space again. After realizing that this space is just a little too small for a normal sized standalone desk, I reached the idea to build a worktop to fit exactly into this little old corner. I say little and old because well, the walls have been painted 100’s of times so the worktop fits only as good as it can get.

Three large shelf brackets support the worktop, giving it just enough support to function as a desk. The worktop was a 2×4 slab of birch plywood that I trimmed and finished with natural danish oil to keep the theme of the unfinished wood look. The lack of legs on this desk definitely help keep the corner looking open and minimal. Plus the exposed radiator pipe definitely adds to the character of the space.

The shelf above the desk was already there before and it was actually a present that my mom made me. I was relieved to find out that it fits so well with the new office space because I was not about to move it or take it down.

I finished off the new office space with a few desk accessories and I even found a new home for my little vase of lavender that I brought back with me from France.

Now only to sort through my papers and organize them into the file organizer…

I’m so pleased with the outcome of the space and it has made our apartment feel just that much more like ourselves. Comment below with what you think of our new space!



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