New In: Homewares from Europe

There is something so inspiring about the way objects are crafted throughout Europe. To me, everything seems handcrafted; made with meticulous hands and a creative spirit. Even though that may not always be the case. Naturally, there was no way that I was leaving my travels with out starting my own little collection of thingamajigs.

While I was in France, it was the time of la Vacances. Vacances with a capital V because vacationing is an art in France. During this period of July to August, shops close and shop owners head on vacation. But on the day before I left I was wandering around my neighborhood and discovered a little shop I had never noticed which I chalked up to la Vacances. I picked up the accordion-like vase/planter from this shop along with the star sugar spoon. The details in these objects are what drew me to them and I am a sucker for the little details, even if it’s having a special spoon just to serve my sugar in my morning coffee. I also picked up this cacti printed towel and small blue washed dish from Monoprix. This is like a French Target which makes it not as charming as a quaint local shop but these objects still having a very charming appeal.

When I went to Roussillon I was searching for a entire bouquet of lavender and while my friend Celine tried to convince me that it would be hard to find, by the third store I ventured into, I found one. And it was the last one. So snatched it up right away. I also got this small vase filled with dried lavender. It’s made with the red clay of Roussillon and it can be hung up on the wall. I haven’t decided on the best spot for it yet but I’m sure it won’t be long.

When I went to Norway I made my friend Solveig take me to Hay (pronounced like the word ‘hi’ in Norwegian). I have been stalking this Scandinavian shop online since I first heard of it 2 years ago. I am obsessed with this store. I only picked up a few small pieces due to lack of space in my luggage. I was eyeing up this bronze coffee scoop with a clip on the opposite end for a long time. It works great for sealing off a bag of coffee beans. I also got this wooden comb. Although not entirely practical, it is beautiful and it adds to my collection of combs. Lastly, I got this pink and gold pen.

On my last day I went to Reykjavik, Iceland and just before Harry had finished telling me that he needed a notebook were he could jot down things he needed to do because he had been very forgetful as of late. So I went into Kokka and I got him this small notebook that gives the definition of a note on the cover; A brief record, especially one written down to aid the memory.

All these little objects I have collected will forever remind me of my travels. When I spoon my sugar into my coffee in the morning I will instantly be brought back the cobblestone streets, narrow passageways and smells of fresh hot baguette. It’s the little things.



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