I Drank a Wheatgrass Smoothie Everyday for a Week

After doing a bit of general curious research a few weeks ago on wheatgrass and spirulina and superfoods of that sort, I decided to try it out for myself. Now wheatgrass is supposed to be an amazing incredible source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients and because of it’s chock full of these things, it can have a lot of positive health benefits. To read more about those, click here.

The benefits that were most appealing to me were the ones about the reduced fatigue, boosting energy, reducing cravings, easing menstrual pains, getting rid of acne and kicking the thyroid gland into gear. The crazy thing is that is only a select few of the things it can help your body do.

It can come in different forms; fresh, frozen or powder. I chose the powder form just simply because it’s easy to work with and blends smoothly into smoothies.

Many of the articles I read, recommended starting with a small dosage then working your way to a big dosage over a period of time because of the potency of wheatgrass. So with that in mind, I went to the health food store that sells wheatgrass in whole sale form by the ounce so that I could get only as much as I needed instead of buying an entire jar of it. FYI, buying it in whole sale form is a lot cheaper than buying it pre-packaged, as is almost always the case for any food. And if you package it yourself in a brown lunch bag, you also are reducing the waste of packaging. Score!

So I brought home my new selection of wheatgrass and popped it in the fridge and everyday for the next 7 days I made a pure fruit smoothie sans dairy (because it’s only supposed to be taken on an empty stomach or only taken with fruits and veggies) and avec wheatgrass and here’s what I’ve observed.

  1. MY NAILS ARE SO STRONG. I always have really healthy and strong nails but I had had my nails painted prior to starting my wheatgrass regimen and usually after I use nail polish remover, my nails break really bad. But that didn’t even happen and they are still indestructible. Amazing.
  2. MY HAIR SEEMS LIKE ITS GROWING FASTER? Now I can’t really accurately measure this because, well, hair. But I looked at my hair in the mirror and was a bit shocked because all of a sudden it just seemed much longer. Now I don’t know if this is because of the wheatgrass or I should just try looking in the mirror more often, oops.
  3. REDUCED REDNESS IN MY SKIN. I have a few red spots here and there, especially around my chin from old blemishes. A lot of the redness in those areas seem to have almost all faded which is a miracle because anybody with this issue knows how stubborn those little red spots are.
  4. I DON’T CRAVE SUGAR LIKE I USED TOO. My name is Hannah and I am a sugar addict. Seriously though, aren’t we all? I have a serious sweet tooth but for the past week while taking wheatgrass, it seems to be severely reduced. Especially at night, around 8pm, I don’t even think about grabbing something sweet from the kitchen even though I know there’s a  mini Willy Wonka Factory in my kitchen.

* A note on the taste: At first, the wheatgrass flavor was very noticeable. It wasn’t terrible but tastes very, uhm, “green.” Now I’m just used to the flavor and I don’t even really notice it.

That’s pretty much it so far for what I’ve noticed. If I’ve learned anything from this past week, it’s probably that I wasn’t getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as I could’ve in the past. But now I can look forward to reaping all of the benefits of wheatgrass has to offer me in the future. 


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