3 Summer Hairstyles

The recent heatwave and a few important upcoming events have had me scrambling for some simple and versatile hairstyles. These are just a few of my favorite Summer hairstyles that you can do in no time at all.

What I used: I prepped my hair by spraying some of the Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray on my roots. Then, using a flat iron, I added some waves into my hair and finished it off by using the Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist to define the waves. I used a wide tooth comb, some small bobby pins and a few hair elastics to complete each style.

  1. Twist & Slide
    1. Start by taking two small sections of hair from the crown of your head and tie them together at about the middle of the strands.
    2. Invert the pony by separating the hair that is near the roots and sliding the rest of the hair through the hole you’ve just created.
    3. Start nearest the crown and grab small sections of hair to wrap around the inside of the inverted pony. Gradually make your way towards your face, grabbing small sections, until all of the hair around your face is tucked into the twist. 
  2. Knot-ical
    1. Separate the hair into three sections. Tie the front sections out of the way.
    2. Create a normal braid with the back section then tie it off.
    3. Tuck the braid in on itself the same way you did in the first hairstyle. Pin into place.
    4. Twist the front sections backwards and then wrap them over then under the inverted braid. Pin the twists into place underneath to conceal.
  3. Bardot Messy Bun
    1. Gather all of your hair back into a high messy bun.
    2. Grab the hair that is resting on the crown of the head and push it upwards towards your forehead. Hold the hair in place while you pin it down.
    3. Repeat step two until enough volume is built on the top of the head. (The texturizing spray really comes in handy here.)
    4. Push a bobby pin into the center of the messy bun to create lift.







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