3 Easy DIY Projects to Freshen Up Your Space

A few pieces around my space have seemed a bit lack-luster so instead of going out and just purchasing new ones, I decided to just repurpose/DIY them.

We have had a white and black geometric bathmat for about a year that was just looking a bit stained and sad. I came up with the idea to dye it a deep blue to cover the discoloration and to just give it a re-vamp. This is a very easy DIY that you could do with just about any bathmat. After giving it a good wash, I used the SEI Tumble Dye spray-on dye to add a bit of a grid pattern. This dye is the easiest type of “tie-dye” that I’ve ever done. There is no tying involved really, just lay out your bathmat flat and spray until your hearts content. No need to get the fabric wet beforehand. Once the dye dries just give it an iron and you’re done. It’s very simple and I’m pretty chuffed with the results!

Unfortunately the plant that was occupying this pot passed away. But sometimes life happens (or lack thereof) so I decided to clean the pot out and cover it with some jute rope. This is another really simple one. I just flipped the pot over and started wrapping the jute rope around it using a glue gun to keep it in place. I decided to repurpose it as a knife holder because I have recently begun switching up the kitchen a bit and I think the jute rope against the other little pots here adds some texture and contrast to the shelve. Done and dusted.

The last one may require you to go out and find a camping stool like this one. While I found mine on Craigslist and didn’t already own it, I did have the exact same one as a kid so it counts. This was a very retro-y camping stool complete with a camouflage seat. After seeing some inspiration on CB2 I decided to try my own hand at it and created this re-vamped camping stool that now functions as a place for blankets. I just cleaned up the stool using some steel wool, soap and water then spray painted it this “burlap” color. I was tempted to do gold but I really felt like doing something a bit different. I picked up this faux-leather fabric months ago and finally decided to use it. I cut a piece to fit then sewed around the outside and fastened it to the stool using some snaps.


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