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After I did my first “Chats” post here, I wanted to make another one to share with all of you. The first person who came to mind was my friend Elyse. So, a few weeks ago, on Harry and I’s little Chicago excursion, we met up with our friends, Elyse and Charlie, who live on Chicago’s north-east side. Elyse and I always have stuff to talk about when we get together, she has such a laid-back and gentle personality which makes her so easy to talk to. She has had a very interesting life so far and that makes her stand out as a very unique person. 

Give us an introduction about yourself, tell us who you are.

Well I currently live in Chicago. I was born in Texas but not really from there as I moved around about every two years since I was born. I recently graduated from DePaul University and have been living in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood ever since. I currently work for Tesla as a Delivery Orientation Specialist and also work occasionally at a cafe just down the block from me. One thing that is very important to me is being outdoors. I go a bit stir-crazy if I’m locked up in the house for too long.

What is one of the greatest perks about living in Chicago?

I never get bored living in Chicago! There is always some new place or new neighborhood to check out and endless parks to spend time in. It’s a great city for adventuring. Plus I feel like Chicago has some cool surrounding suburbs I can take day trips to when I want a change of scenery.

How have your experiences moving around as a kid made you the person you are right-now?

Growing up, I moved from Texas, California, Saudi Arbia, France, England and all over the place. I actually loved that I could re-invent myself, in a way, with each move. So I feel like that has made me a really adaptable and open-minded person. I’m always interested in trying out new and different things and taking risks don’t scare me as much.

What are some of your best memories going to high school in Paris?

When I lived in Paris, I remember feeling really independent. You definitely get more freedom being in a city with great public transportation too. I could take the metro all around the city with my friends. We loved going out to eat at cafes, grabbing drinks at bars, and shopping all over the city. We especially loved checking out thrift stores. I definitely found some interesting pieces that I still have today. So probably just my memory of having a lot of independence so young is what I cherish most. It allowed me to really grow up and mature into the person I am today.

Where is your favorite place to get inspired in Chicago?

I find myself most inspired when I’m outdoors so I love hanging out in Chicago’s parks and by the lake. I used to go to this one garden between my classes. It’s right next to the Art Institute with a big fountain and had these low trees that made sort of tree canopy. It was a really serene place to go and do homework, read, or just sit and listen to music. Haven’t been there since I was in school, I think I’ll have to go back there soon.

If you could do get a bite to eat right now, where would you go?

This answer changes pretty frequently as I’m constantly finding new favorites but right now I’m really craving Goose Island’s spicy Sriracha wings that come with a wasabi aioli sauce. They’re amazing.

Places Elyse mentioned:

Art Institute garden

Goose Island

Elyse’s social:



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