A Chicago Weekend and Four Places to Visit

Last weekend, Harry and I spent a day in Chicago. Chicago isn’t a new thing for us. We’ve done the Art Institute, Shedd Aquarium and just about every other thing in between.  Harry grew up near Chicago and even went to college there for a short while and as for me, growing up within just car ride away, I got to visit a lot. So, we decided to stick to doing some unconventional things in Chicago. We ended up visiting three great locally owned shops and 1 local cafe in Chicago. We even got to meet up with some friends while we were there. I decided to share them all in case you are ever in Chicago and want to visit them.

Humboldt House

“Humboldt House is an vintage modern home shop specializing in vintage modern furniture, eclectic textiles, Chicago made goods and pitbull love.”

I got to meet Chelsea and her dog Genius when I went in to the shop, both were so nice! Any shop with a dog gets my vote.

(41.9006219, -87.69654149999997)

Asrai Gardens  

“Asrai is the space that brings together the people and beauty that make my life full of joy. I am told it brings something similar to others as they walk through the door. I suppose it is simply my gratitude and wonder on display.”

Chelsea from Humboldt House recommended I go here. I wanted to buy a bouquet of Ranunculus bought I knew that they wouldn’t make it home so, I opted for another air plant. Also, the ladies working there were so nice and friendly.


C.C. Ferns

Best latte I have ever had. C.C. Ferns is a bit of a hidden gem, with it’s cozy cabin feel and a deep richness, that is probably brought on by the cigars they have sealed in a humidor. Need to go back ASAP.

(41.8994227, -87.69719150000003)


Gather Home + Lifestyle

“Gather Home + Lifestyle is a modern neighborhood general store located in Chicago, Illinois. We bring together a variety of small makers to create a streamlined assortment of minimally designed goods for you and your home. We’re inspired by keeping things simple. Each maker and item in the shop is thoughtfully selected to feel like it belongs next to the other.”

(41.9103551, -87.676424)


2 thoughts on “A Chicago Weekend and Four Places to Visit”

  1. I love your photos! I just went to Chicago for the first time earlier this year and loved it – hoping to get back there soon! We had a few of these shops on our list to visit, but sadly didn’t make it to any. We did, however, eat our weight in food so I call that successful 😉

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