DIY Beaded Plant Hanger

I’ve been experimenting with plant hangers recently and I came up with a very simple and easy plant hanger design that anyone can do with just a little time. The main idea behind this plant hanger is a simple criss-cross pattern with beads. The easiest way to show this was through video, so I decided to create a video showing you how to make this beaded plant hanger. Let’s get started.

First you are going to need:

  • a tape measure
  • 5 strands of 7.5ft hemp cord
  • 15 fairly large beads (mine were wooden)
  • scissors
  • a key ring
  • a medium potted plant

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start:

  • The criss-cross pattern is achieved by making knots with two strings. Each string will be knotted with the string that is directly to the right of it (or left depending on which way you work).
  • Leave the outside strings until you have made all of the knots in the middle then knot the two outside strings together.
  • The beads should be about 5-6 inches away from each other.
  • You may need to knot several times depending on what size string you use in order for the bead to stay in place.
  • The longer you cut your string the better. I started with 7.5ft strings but longer than that would work too. Don’t go any shorter than that, unless you want a mini plant hanger.

If you try this DIY, share a photo on Instagram and tag me in it! I would love to see it!



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