Before and After: Retro Restoration

Several weeks ago, I saw a listing for this MCM footstool well priced at $25. I instantly fell in love with its charm. The wire legs in combination with the faux leather seat also really compliments my space, while the price was more than generous despite needing some TLC. I also was on the lookout for a side/accent chair and Harry happened to have found this one sitting outside, for free. It was in a state when he found it; the vinyl was ripped and it was in need of a deep cleaning. But I loved it’s groovy shape and alas here we are.

The legs on the footstool needed some TLC and quite frankly, so did the seat. The wire legs were pretty badly tarnished and they also had some paint splatters on them, which is nearly impossible to get off. After hours of elbow grease and some steel wool it started to come clean, kinda. At that point I decided to leave it how it was. Besides, it adds an industrial feel, right? The hardest part was probably the reupholstery. Have you ever tried to reupholster a cylindrical object? Don’t. Unless you’re okay with it not being perfect. Otherwise, send it to the upholsterer and let the professionals handle it. I was okay with the ruche-ing that was happening when I stretched the fabric around the seat so it worked for me.  I used a faux leather in cognac that I picked up at a craft store for 11 dollars (on sale!) a yard.

The chair was much easier to reupholster. Cube shaped = my friend. I decided to skip the buttons and just stick with some simple clean lines and it made it a lot easier to reupholster. I got the suede herringbone fabric from the same craft store for $8 (also on sale!) a yard.

Overall the footstool was $25 and the chair was free. The supplies were $20 for a total of $45 for both the chair and the footstool. I’m really pleased with the results and considering the cost of the project, I think it was an all around win.


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