New In: Cruelty-Free Beauty Products 

 It seems that spring fever has got a hold of me. My revitalized energy has possessed me to clean the apartment like crazy, start a regular gym-going schedule and re-vamp my medicine cabinet with some new cruelty-free/vegan beauty products.

I am always up to changing out some of the beauty products I use with something new, especially after my birthday this month (where some alcoholic drinks were consumed). My skin was looking a bit dull and need some revitalizing. I did a little research and came across the Pixi Glow Mud Mask, which is conveniently cruelty-free, and it has changed my skin for the better. The whole surface of my skin has become much smoother and has a gentle radiance to it, hence why it’s called the Glow Mud Mask. I’ve only used it twice but my skin is really thanking it.

I was in need of a new body scrub and opted for the Yes to Coconut polishing Body Scrub. It smells divine and has a gel like texture that moisturizes my skin as it exfoliates.

Next up is the Boots Botanics Age Defense Foundation. Now I understand that this is marketed as an anti-aging foundation, which I don’t particularly need,  but after reading some of the reviews I decided to get it. I felt like trying something new and I realized that I’ve been using Bare Minerals for 2 years. It has a very fresh dewy affect that creates a really healthy glow for the skin. My only qualm is that it doesn’t have SPF which means that I have to apply SPF as another step in my routine. But I really love the coverage of this foundation.
 I ran out of Valentina’s Home Brewed Natural Body Mist recently and was going to repurchase (I really can’t live without it). Before I had the chance to repurchase it Harry had already given it to me as a birthday present. He chose Sweet Dreams which has jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla essential oils. Of course it smells amazing but it’s great to spray on before bed, after the shower, as a way to mellow out and calm down from the day. I also was in need of some body wash so I picked up this You Are Amazing Lavender Fields body wash. Cruelty-free and with each product purchased You Are Amazing gives to fund leadership development to empower girls to change the world. It also smells amazing and the scent of lavender lingers on my skin all day. It’s an all around winner.

 As a little birthday present to myself, I picked up the Herban Essentials Eucalyptus Towelettes. I had been wanting these for a while but never actually got them. I am so happy that I finally got these. They are amazing. There are many uses for these but I have been just placing an opened one in the shower and it is insanely relaxing. The eucalyptus works as a decongestant but it’s also just deeply invigorating.

 I also picked up the Burt’s Bees Tomato Toner. I had been using the Aveda Botanical Kinetics for ages and really just felt like changing it up and decided on the Burt’s Bees Tomato Toner. It does contain a form of alcohol which can be harsh on my skin so I stick to only using it at night. But it smells great and does a great job of getting any leftover dirt and makeup off after I’ve washed my face. Also, props to Burt’s Bees for using a glass bottle for this product instead of plastic.

If you’ve tried any of these before or decide to try them out, let me know what you thought of them!


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