DIY Wall Hanging

Wall hangings have always been cool in some way. There is something very tangible about tapestries and macrame hangings that add more dimension and warmth to a space. After scouring the internet for one myself, I kept turning up with ones that either didn’t fit my style or were just way out of my price range. So I started thinking about doing a DIY. I toyed with the idea of weaving one myself but I ultimately just decided to try it out with a small flat-woven rug. With a few simple materials and tools I created this multi-dimensional art piece that now dresses my once plain white wall.

  What you need:

  • 2×3 flat-woven rug, or something similar
  • 3/4 in wooden dowel
  • 1 TBS instant coffee
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • Copper crimp splice caps, find them here
  • 2 large nails for hanging
  • hammer

I originally wanted to find one small flat-woven rug that spoke for itself but after no luck, I opted for the small rug from Ikea and decided to add these crimp splice caps that are used for electrical work as a beaded detail to the fringes of the rug. I simply twisted a group of fringes together then slid the crimp splice cap through. That’s pretty much all I did for the hanging itself. My dowel was originally un-stained oak but I opted to stain it to a color that matches some of the other woodwork in my space. I chose to stain it using instant coffee. Using coffee as a stain is a much more environmental choice and works well for this piece because it is only functioning as art and doesn’t require any protective seals. Simply mix the boiling water and instant coffee together in a bowl then use a brush or cloth to apply the stain. I only did one layer of stain and was happy with the color but you can always add more layers. Once the dowel dried I adjusted the hanging onto it and then hammered the two nails into the wall equidistant with the width of the rug. I set the dowel to rest on the two nails and voila! There is my DIY wall hanging.


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