My Top Five Ways to Remedy a Negative Mood

 From time to time, we find ourselves in a negative mood. We might feel bad about a situation that happened in the past, are worrying about a future situation, or feeling down about ourselves, and the list goes on and on. I find that in the winter months, especially January, it is really easy to get stuck in a rut with negative moods and emotions. I am not an expert but I do have a few methods of mellowing my mood that usually do the trick for me and reset myself towards a more positive outlook. These methods are not time consuming and I can usually do them on the spot no matter where I am.

  1. Clean! Whether it’s organizing your planner, doing the dishes, cleaning out your e-mail’s inbox etc. I find that doing a little bit of cleaning in my space also helps to clear my mind. My personal favorite is to clean up the kitchen. As an added bonus I find that when I clean the kitchen, I am more willing to cook up something healthy and satisfying later on when I know that there aren’t dishes to deal with.
  2. Close your eyes. Whenever I feel bogged down with a negative thought or items on a to-do list I just take a few moments to close my eyes and try to quiet my mind. It’s something small that you can really do no matter where you are. After a few moments and a few deep breaths, I feel re-energized.
  3. A yoga pose, or two. Even if you don’t practice yoga or it’s not really your thing, taking a few minutes to practice a yoga pose that you really enjoy is more than enough to reset your mood. I usually like to lay back, perpendicular to a wall and lift my legs up onto the wall. This is a restorative pose that is often practiced in yoga as a way to rebalance yourself and take a different view of the world around you. To read more about this pose, click here.
  4. Make something healthy and tasty to eat. This one goes back to my number one. I think we can all agree that eating is very satisfying. I often grab a few pieces of dark chocolate or even just some lemon water. This is probably my favorite way to reset my mood. Lately, I’ve been making myself this lemon, turmeric drink and adding a bit of honey, it’s very comforting and when I combine this with number two, taking a few moments to savor the moment, I start to feel a lot better.
  5. Do something that makes you feel inspired. Whether its scrolling through your Instagram feed, Pinterest boards, reading a good book, doodling or exercising. Taking a few moments to do something like this lifts my mood into a much more motivated and optimistic one.

Any one or combination of these alter my mood from a negative one to a much more positive one and they’re really great to have in my bag of tricks. What are your favorite tricks to remedy your negative moods? Comment below! If you try one of these ones out, let me know!




2 thoughts on “My Top Five Ways to Remedy a Negative Mood”

  1. I love your tip on finding something that inspires you. My go-to is reading a few of my favorite blogs because it gets me in a much more positive and creative mindset. Setting aside an hour for coffee and getting out of the house usually resets me, too 😊

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