Friends They Are Jewels: A Day With Samantha Nitti


I invited my good friend and fellow blogger Samantha Nitti over for some winter-y festive fun this weekend. We share a mutual love for “heart-warming” food so we decided to bake up some chocolatey chunk ginger snaps (blog post to ensue!). She arrived at about 11am and we got to baking right away. It was a really great way to spend some time together especially because we are both big on cookies but I mean, who isn’t? The product was delicious chewy chocolatey ginger snaps, a cup of hot sipping chocolate, a warmed heart and a great time spent with a great friend. Samantha has some of the cutest personal style so we also voted to take outfit photos for our blogs as well. We ventured out in the cold to take a few snaps of our outfits so if you’re interested checkout the post on her blog just follow the link.

Comment below what kind of moments you like to do with your friends!




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