It’s a Mod Weekend: Goodwill Hunting

  You know those days when you go to Goodwill hoping to find everything that your little heart desires and then get there only to not find anything worth while? Friday was not one of those days for us. We found several great items which is a real blessing when it comes to ‘Goodwill hunting.’ Alas here we are, another weekend adventure post featuring our various shiny new finds from Goodwill with a title befitting of one of Harry’s favorite films.

After a week of temperatures ranging in the 70’s it has finally cooled off to the Wisconsin temperatures we know oh so well. It is very soul-soothing to put on a turtleneck sweater, bundle up and as my mom would say “fart around town.” If you knew her, you’d understand the hilarity behind that phrase. Little did we know that when we ventured out to Goodwill on Friday afternoon we’d both find great turtle-neck sweaters. Outfit game strong.

Also this wouldn’t be a weekend adventure post with out feature some sort of scrumptious food. Hence this Savory Scone from Rocket Baby Bakery in Bayview and our Beerline cafe spread shown below. Harrison and I have decided to take a break from veganism for a while and it feels as though we’ve gotten freedom that we never really knew we had before. I’m thinking about doing a ‘the truth about being vegan’ post and giving you guys the low-down on veganism. Let me know if you wanna read that.

So at Goodwill we also found this vintage-y paper tray that we’re hoping will help sort us out, as much as that is possible. If you’re a student you know that amount of papers that come and go in and out of your life. For the sake of the blog post here the paper tray is housing some research books for my upcoming french paper but I’m sure a week from now it will be in disarray.

We also got two mid century modern-esque tapered candle holders. Our dinner parties, which consist mostly of just us two, have been brought to a whole new level.

And we have replaced a print with a new piece. We wanted something new and this emerald green print will do good for now. It’s actually just fancy rapping paper but we quite like it.

How about your weekend? Where have you been ‘fartin’ around town?’




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