It’s a Mod Weekend: Villa Terrace 

Hold on to your britches for this post because Harry and I got very click-happy at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum this weekend.  You can’t blame us though, Villa Terrace is a dream land. If you love or just simply appreciate architecture, decorative arts, history, gardening, art or anything of the sorts please visit Villa Terrace. And when you do visit, do me a favor and don’t forget to look up towards the ceilings because there are intricate details on every ceiling that you really don’t want to miss. After spending our time inside the museum, we went outside to the garden that faces Lincoln Memorial Drive with cars passing by and I said to Harry “It feels wrong to see cars now. Being in there was like a step back in time.” It was a great experience and I’m really looking forward to going back seeing as though it has inspired me to think about building some furniture pieces with my favorite furniture duo. Here are just some of the photos we took there. Feast your eyes!


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