Cruelty-Free/Vegan Winter Skin Care Essentials

I have recently stumbled across a few products that have transformed my views of the imminent harsh winter’s affect on my skin and hair. Of course, they are all cruelty-free/vegan which makes them even bigger skin and hair savers. Here is a peak into my revived skin and hair care essentials.

Anyone who has experienced a Wisconsin winter knows the traumas of dry and cracked hands. But I can say goodbye to those painful times for good with the Badger Balm. It’s a deep moisture balm that can cure any dry or cracked skin. Additionally it has a rich menthol scent that cools the skin. I love it and find it works best if I apply it before bed and let it soak into my skin over night. When I wake up in the morning, before I head out for the day, I take a bit of the Aveda hand relief and work it into my hands. It does exactly what it says it does without leaving any trace of an oily residue and it rubs in within seconds.

I had to include a Lush face mask although I have already yacked on about them. But I honestly love them and Cosmetic Warrior might be my favorite. I can’t decide what I like most about it. The scent of it and the immediate results it delivers is pretty much like a fresh drink of water for my skin and my mind.

Then there’s my new Renpure cleansing conditioner which I must say has already shown its benefits within the first week of using it. Basically it’s like a gentle shampoo that removes just the right amount of oils on the hair cuticle. I use it everyday and only actually wash my hair once a week with the Renpure Argan oil shampoo. Because it leaves some natural oils on the hair it leaves my hair softer, stronger and I definitely notice more volume after using it. It also contains mint so it feels tingly on the skin. Winter can be harsh on my hair too but I won’t have to fret this winter.

I have been using the Sappo Hill old fashioned oatmeal soap for the past 2 months and I loved it so much that I bought it again. The scent is enchanting; it smells of a fresh batch of warm holiday cookies. Oatmeal is a wonderful natural ingredient that helps calm and sooth the skin which is what everyone needs in the cold winter months. Enough said.

Last is the Eco Lips Mongo Kiss lip balm. It uses the oil from mongongo nuts found in Zambia which contains deep moisturizing nutrients. It soaks into the skin instead of just laying on the surface like a lot of other lip balms.

Now that I’m all set for winter what are your favorite cruelty-free/vegan winter body care savers?




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