It’s a Mod Weekend: The Difference Between Walking and Running

This past weekend Harry and I escaped to the wilderness of Wisconsin for some very much needed adventure and relaxation. I came about the idea a few months ago when I was planning things for Harry’s birthday. I wanted to take a trip together and possibly camp or stay in a cabin for the weekend. But because Harry’s birthday is in the middle of November we decided to take our trip this weekend to avoid literally freezing our butts off. Now looking back at my planning, temperatures reached a balmy 27 F last night which is about as bad as the middle of November anyways. We had a wonderful time and now are convinced that we’ll become camping aficionados.

We arrived at Wildcat Mountain State Park Saturday afternoon after about a 4 hour car ride from Milwaukee with stopping included. The drive was rewarding though long. Just listening to music, chatting and taking in the scenery was enough to work out some of the kinks in my neck. I reserved a campsite that was reachable by foot only; it felt pretty authentic as if we were alone in the wilderness of Manitoba, kinda. We got parked, loaded up a cart provided by the park, and set out into the forest to our campsite. The view from our campsite was absolutely spectacular with the autumn foliage “in full bloom.” We set up our tent and got settled into our new home for the night before hitting the trail for a 3 mile hike. We decided to do the Old Settler’s Trail hike first as it is the longest trail. The hike was invigorating. At one point we took a break to look up at the 100 foot hemlock trees swaying in the wind. Also, there’s gotta be something said for Wisconsin’s limestone walls.

We went back to our campsite after that to start the fire and with a little trouble at first we finally got it going. Not to brag but I did keep the fire burning for 2 hours after we ran out of fire wood. We decided to make pb & j pudgie pies in the pudgie pie maker which essentially is a grilled pb & j…wow. We sat by the fire, had a couple beers and really just enjoyed our time together.

After a not-so-sound night’s sleep because of a lack of support from the ground which was practically a rock and the coyotes howling through the night, we got up to make coffee. It didn’t work out too well but there are no venti iced skim pumpkin spice latte’s with whip in the forest, folks. I must say we did a pretty good job staying warm throughout the night with the help of about 8 blankets, double pajamas, sweaters, 2 layers of socks, hats, mitts and scarves…After a quick breakfast, we packed up and headed over to the Hemlock Trail. It was a 400 foot climb to the top of a peak with an amazing view of the rugged glacial landscape. We headed back down the mountain and back home.

During the week it often feels like I’m running with no time for breaks. I don’t think I can truly some up how extraordinary this weekend was but I could say that it felt like a much anticipated leisurely walk, or hike in this case. Thanks to Harry for being entirely on board and present in everything we do. This weekend was a part of his birthday gift but he, himself, is the real gift.

Bon (presque) anniversaire Harry 🙂




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