It’s a Mod Weekend: One Autumn Sunday

 In honor of the first “real” fall weekend Harry and I decided to have, what we like to call a “Fall Harvest Day.” After a very busy week we decided to take it down a notch and do all sorts of soul soothing fall festivities. We woke up and went for a quick run then ate breakfast and did homework. I’m telling you folks, it’s unavoidable. But things got real spicy after that because we ventured out to my favorite grocery store in Milwaukee called Outpost Natural Foods that is a locally owned cooperative that specializes in locally sourced organic produce. We picked up some dinner food items along with apple cider and star anise to make hot apple cider with. Then we went over to Bayview park for a walk on the trails. Although the trees have yet to show their true colors, the weather, crisp air and grey skies, was definitely screaming autumn. We’re glad we went because we saw a lot of dogs running around there.

We went back home because we had to do more homework and start dinner. Harry made his vegan chili which is so delicious, it’s heart warming and invokes every sense of autumn you could imagine. It’s made with vegan andouille sausage, sweet potato, potato, corn, kidney beans and lots of cumin. We ate it with a rosemary boule that we get at Outpost. I live for food that makes me feel the way that this dinner made me feel. We enjoyed it thoroughly with hot apple cider. I made a vegan pumpkin bread that was equally delicious and putting walnuts on top is the cherry on top. By the time we finished cooking our apartment was full of every autumn scent you could think of. We ate it while watching Disney’s Halloweentown because let’s face it, it’s one of the best halloween films ever and we watched it growing up. Don’t let me forget to mention that we listened to Chet Baker Sings all day because it embodies fall and winter weather for us and jazz might just be the best music genre out there.

Here are a few shots that we took today.What are your favorite ways to spend autumn days? Let us know!




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