It’s a Mod Weekend: Relax is Priority

This past weekend Harrison and I were lead down a seemingly unfamiliar path; a slow-paced relaxing weekend.  I feel as though the weekends starting from the very beginning of August on through last weekend have been filled with travels, chores and homework with little time for R&R. I know Harrison agrees and I feel like my motto of “R.I.P.: Relax is Priority” has escaped me. I’ll admit, I did feel inclined to add some to-do’s and chores to this weekend’s agenda but I managed to convince myself otherwise. Our weekend went a little something like this.

Friday night was spent traipsing around on the beach which proved to have many benefits. The weather was beautiful; the sun was still warm but the breeze was cool that correlated to a perfect crescendo of utter pleasantry. Also the cold sand between the toes and sound of the waves pulling towards and away from the shore; enough said. As an added bonus the sand made our feet very soft.

We left the beach behind and went home to make some homemade vegan pizza. Trader Joe’s makes a great pre-made (vegan!) garlic and herb pizza dough so all we had to do was roll out the dough, add the sauce and throw on lots of veggies. I know, I know eating pizza without cheese seems as though every bite of it would crush your very existence but in fact not. Leaving out the cheese makes room for all of the flavors of the veggies to meld into the sauce and the dough. It’s revolutionary but delicious. We also had sangria that I had prepared earlier in the day with a full bodied wine with spiced undertones, raspberries, apples, fresh rosemary, a cinnamon stick and sparkling pomegranate juice. If you want to make a great sangria all you need is time. Time to let the flavors mix. This results in a perfect unison of flavors. We put on Miles Davis Quintet Cookin’, enjoyed our pizza and sangria and took some deep breaths.

Saturday morning we went for brunch at Beans and Barely, one of our favorites. We were so hungry and the food looked delicious so there was no stopping to take a photo of our food but it wouldn’t have done it justice anyways. We shared a bowl of the vegetarian chili, I had vegan blueberry pancakes with a vegan veggie biscuit on the side and Harry had the vegan veggie biscuits with vegan gravy. Wow.

We left full-bellied and went for a little drive before heading to Washington Heights to go see the French feature film called ZouZou at the Times theatre as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival. We stopped at Valentine Coffee Roasters in Washington Heights for a cup of Bali Blue Moon coffee which has been our summertime favorite. It’s bold and dark with chocolatey undertones. This is the only location that Valentine has in the Milwaukee area, that we know of, but let us know if you know of any others on the East Side.

We saw ZouZou afterwards which was utterly hilarious, we laughed our socks off. As we’re both French speakers and francophiles, we thoroughly enjoyed it for its prime French humor and style. We both love films that place a lot of emphasis on character development over plot line and that is exactly what ZouZou offers.  Go see it.

That was overall the extent of our weekend, the rest was spent doing homework (it’s unavoidable), reading, writing and relaxing. What did you get up to this weekend?



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