Apartment Therapy: A Love Story

Some may be wondering where we’ve been recently. Our lack of posts in the blogosphere is directly caused by the start of a new semester at college. With Harrison in his final year and I going into my junior year along with a new job transition, finding something worth blogging about has been pretty tasking. This past month we’ve been running around doing all sorts of adult things including more and more improvements to our space. I don’t know what it is, but since my childhood I’ve been enamored with designing and creating visual pieces. So naturally due to this I am an apartment therapy addict. To divulge a bit of what’s been happening in my apartment therapy addicted mind here are a few recent changes that Harrison and I have made to our space. I also want to take a second to appreciate Target because recently they have had a plethora of homewares that I genuinely really like. So as you’ll notice I’ve been shopping at Target a lot. This candle is practically my pride and joy. As I previously stated, I love “real” scents. You know, things that actually smell like real things. Say for instance this candle, which is scented “Tobacco and Cedar” actually smells like tobacco and cedar. It also comes in this faux-marble jar which makes it feel a lot more polished. Oh and this candle burns really evenly and fills the whole room with its fragrance so it’s an all-around keeper. Of course it’s from Target.
Next is this navy blue plaid cushion. It in and of itself is beautiful and definitely gives off a very autumnal vibe. But it’s also very soft and a really great bed cushion. And again, it’s from Target. Last but definitely not least is this new plant friend. Harrison surprised me one night a few weeks ago and brought me home this palm tree. He knows that I love all plants but especially plants with big ol’ leaves. It’s been a really great companion to the corner of our living room and really just ties the room together. It’s also been a pal in filtering our air.

I also want to take a moment to say that we’ve been away because I’ve been in the process of designing and creating my first piece of furniture. Along with the help of my stepdad, we are nearly finished with the piece in its entirety and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you. Here’s a sneak peak. Don’t worry, there will be a post dedicated entirely to my first piece.


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