Back to Breakfast: Fresh Pressed Tomato Juice

 In honor of back to school season I am starting a series of easy, go-to recipes for breakfast that also are applicable as a start to your workday. I am not a nutritionist but I do enjoy food especially healthy breakfasts. The first recipe in this series is a pressed juice. Pressed juices are packed full of nutrients and are also incredibly easy to make with minimal clean-up. They also keep you feeling full throughout the morning. This being so, they make a great reliable and healthy breakfast. This recipe in particular is a tomato juice recipe. Tomatoes are not only full of vitamin A and C but they also have Choline. Choline is a nutrient that can aid in learning and memory which is also important for school. I’ve also added carrots, ginger, apples and a tad bit of lemon juice. So here is how you do it.

Start by chopping up the tomatoes, carrots, and apples. I aim for pieces that will easily fit into the plunger. I chose to use fresh heirloom tomatoes from the market because I  prefer the taste but you can use whatever you have or like. The carrots are diced baby carrots, it’s just easier to chop them with no clean up involved. I like adding carrots for flavor and nutrition. The apples are added as a ‘base’ if you will. They provide a sweetness without overwhelming the tomato flavors. Lastly, peel the ginger and cube it.

Flip the switch and start adding each ingredient to the plunger and plunge away. Once you’ve juiced all your ingredients, take a spoon and give it a stir. Add in the lemon juice and stir once more. Serve it and enjoy immediately. Then comment below and let me know what you think of it!


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