Closet Case: the current state of our closets

 Harrison and I recently moved into our current apartment. We were instantly charmed by its character and closet space. Most of the time old apartment buildings like the one we’re in, are fitted with very modestly sized living spaces including the tiniest kitchens you’ll ever see (photos to come). But this apartment wins a gold medal in closet space. We have one massive closet and one slightly smaller one; they came equipped with a few shelves, rods for hanging, and a copious amount of hooks that don’t really serve a purpose. With that being said this is our only storage space, we keep just about everything in them. But you know what they say, with big space comes big responsibility, or something like that. I would currently rate our closets’ efficiency at about a 6/10. This isn’t working out so well for us, when you keep everything in a closet it easily becomes a giant mess. So we’ve set out to improve the functionality and efficiency of our closets. Here is a glimpse at what our closets currently look like.

We currently have:

  • 1 very small dresser
  • Many storage bins
  • 2 hanging organizers
  • More hooks than we know what to do with

What we need:

  • More dressers
  • More discreet storage bins
  • A shoe rack?

If it were completely up to us, we’d be investing in some inspiring Mid Century Modern piece like, say… I don’t know, maybe one of Paul McCobb‘s designs like this:


This dresser’s market value is about 4k so we’re opting for a much more affordable option. Being the college students that we are, we recently placed an order at Ikea for some of the items that we need including a dresser. In a few weeks time, we’ll be one step closer to a highly efficient closet. Keep an eye for a transformation post and some Ikea hacks soon. 

Tell us, what are your best organization tips and/or tools?


2 thoughts on “Closet Case: the current state of our closets”

  1. Love your space!! I am completely envious of the amount of light you have coming into your room 🙂
    Check out treasures and travels DIY section of their blog. They utilizie a lot of copper found at hardware stores and wood; it would likely be relatively cheap and easy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 That funny because we plan on including some copper hardware. We actually just found an old copper serving dish at Goodwill that was tarnished then polished it up, good as new.


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