On an Island in the Sun



Our first post is full of some typical Hannah and Harrison antics. Harrison spent half the day at work while I lead a yoga class this morning. So, by the time 4 o’clock rolled around we were ready to blow some steam and go on a little adventure. In typical Milwaukee fashion there were about 5 events going on this weekend. Traffic was absolutely bonkers but our bicycles came to the rescue once again. We weaved through traffic and headed north towards Shorewood.

I wore this mod skirt from Forever 21 circa 2013, I like to think that I’ve outgrown Forever 21 but I pull this skirt out every once and awhile. My shirt is from Gap, clogs are Moheda and the bag is thrifted.

Harrison wore those shorts which are from H&M; he rolls them up a bit to add his cool “edge” to the look. The shirt is from American Eagle. He also likes to think that he’s outgrown AE but just the same. His shoes are Birkenstocks sister brand called Betula.


Per usual, we decided to grab some iced coffee and treats from Colectivo to escape the summer sun. We got the chocolate dipped macaroon and the cream cheese brownie. Colectivo claims that these are Milwaukee’s best brownies and from our further research we can confirm this, for now. Brownie research is very important, highly regarded stuff here guys. On a slight side note, Harrison and I are on the quest to find Milwaukee’s best coffee. For those of you who don’t know this, Milwaukee is actually the coffee capitol of the USA. Believe me here, there are at least 6 independent coffee roasters in this Midwestern city. Somehow and someway we always end up at one Colectivo or another. I like to think of it as our “Starbucks.” But stayed tuned for our continued quest to find Milwaukee’s best coffee.

Anyways, we chose our seats and low and behold I gazed up and saw some photos of Sheboygan, WI surfers being hung on the wall right next to us. I’m from Sheboygan and let me say, you can never really fully escape its charm.


Afterwards we headed back home. It may not seem like much but, our little adventure added something special to a somewhat seemingly normal day. That’s what life’s all about folks…the little moments.

Anyways, bye for now.




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