The Typewriter

Several years ago, I was visiting my dad and noticed my mom’s recipe card box. I asked him if he used them. He said no and was happy to let me take them. I didn’t have many things with my mom’s handwriting and tucked them away to be enjoyed when the time was right.

One night, I got the kids to bed, poured a deep glass of red, and curled up in my favorite chair to just ‘be’ with my mom and her handwriting.

Once I was snuggled in, I started to flip through the cards. That’s when I remembered how very much she adored or was obsessed with, her electric typewriter. Practically every single card was typed. All I could do was laugh as the memories of her at our kitchen table with the gigantic electric typewriter (with eraser cartridges) came flooding back to me.

My mom’s recipe cards, in the metal recipe tin.

Then about four years ago, it was time to get my next tattoo and I knew what the word would be. I know people get tattoos with loved one’s handwriting, but that wasn’t an option from my mom. It came to me quite clearly: typewriter font. Perfect! It makes me remember my mom with a smile while honoring my work as a writer/editor.

A couple of years later and I was helping a friend organize her basement. She asked me the story behind my tattoo and as I shared, I saw something click in her bright eyes. I followed her up the stairs and she brought out this incredible canvas that she had purchased but it didn’t quite work where she wanted it to in her house.

She gifted it to me. Wow! It hangs on the wall next to the desk in my office. Can you read the type-written words? It says I love you, over and over and over again. A sweet message from my mom.

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    1. These surprise hellos just continue to show me the importance of paying attention. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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