Riding down the escalator, leaning into The Dude, to cheers of ‘Mod!’ explains that big smile on my face.

Senior Prom was everything I dreamed a high school dance could be, and more. We arrived at the venue and I remember riding an escalator down to the action. I stood in front of my handsome date and leaned into him. He kissed me again on the way down. Near the bottom, we were greeted by a bunch of my friends shouting, “Mod!” It was a wonderful feeling of belonging.

The Dude actually appeared to be glad to be my date and spent the entire night dancing and talking to me. While I thoroughly enjoyed planning prom the previous year, this was a whole new level of fun.

The next day, our small group of six followed tradition and headed to the family lake house of one of the guys in our group. Four of us drove in someone’s convertible, and that felt fancy! It was much better than The Jackass’s Jaguar. The Dude and I were comfortably snuggled in the back seat and I remember hours of laughter.

Was this really my weekend? I was in stunned disbelief.

Once we arrived at the cabin, it wasn’t quite warm enough to swim, but definitely warm enough to don

This is the suit I wore the day after prom. Yes, I’m drinking an Orange Hi-C juice box.

our swimsuits and hang out in the sun for a while. I was prepared for this. All of my time spent doing high kicks and dancing prepped my bod for my epic one-piece, strapless, cut over the hip, suit.

Did I mention the entire center was cut out, baring my well-toned abs? How I loved that suit. The Dude seemed to like it as well. We spent every moment together. We played games, we ate food, we talked, we laughed. At one point, we were even making out on the floor underneath a ping pong table. It was amazing!

The best part of that post-prom day trip to the lake was the sheer joy I felt, escaping from ‘real life’ and literally laughing all day.

What? My date is leaning into me, with an arm around me? I couldn’t stop smiling.
At our high school, it was a tradition in my friend group to leave dances in a limo.

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