Here We Go Again

My friends and I began hanging around with a group of guys from St. Pat’s, a Catholic high school in Chicago. It was just far enough from home to make it all very exotic and exciting.

With one of my besties, on a night the whole crew somehow landed at my house, in my famous rainbow-themed bedroom which was my haven during my high school years.

A brown-haired, brown-eyed stud whom I will call Mr. Smooth caught my eye, and along with others in the group, we coupled off. I can’t recall exactly how many weekends and phone calls were involved, but I was making out with Mr. Smooth on the regular, and Senior Prom was on the horizon.

Could it actually be that I might be dating a hot guy from Chicago and would have a willing date to my senior prom?

Time passed and our weekends were so much fun, hanging out and making out with the Chicago crowd. As talks of prom drew closer, my hopes were high and I was having fun with my new group of friends.

One day, it all crashed around me. I found out that Mr. Smooth asked another girl to his prom. What on earth? I thought everything was going so well. Apparently not.

Mr. Smooth, on the left.

I finally got hold of Mr. Smooth, via our landline, for an explanation. He and his buddies made a bet for who could get lucky on prom night. He “respected me too much” and thought it better to go with a sure thing so he could have a shot at winning. Yes, he actually told me this.

He went on to say I’m the kind of girl he wanted to marry, not win a bet with. Thank you? Whatever Mr. Smooth, I hope you don’t catch an STD on prom night.

I needed a date and this was getting depressing. My good friend thought she had a contender, a friend of her date. Again, the weird friend of a best friend’s date. Was this to be my legacy? But desperate times, right?

I will call him The Dude. It seemed as if The Dude was willing. He was a year younger than me and went to yet another local high school. I’m sure he thought the idea of another prom would be fun. Phone numbers were exchanged and I began my final campaign as a high school senior to secure a date to a dance.

We started talking on the phone. The Dude was nice and he was funny. We had never physically met, had no idea what the other looked like, and he accepted my invitation to the dance.

I had a date for senior prom.

Yep. I had a date.

4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Thanks for sharing!!!! I laugh, cry, reminisce, and then appreciate you sharing moments I didn’t have to bare. Can’t imagine losing my mother at such a young age.

    1. I am so glad you’re reading! Thank you for taking the time to comment as well. I’m glad I’m taking you on a journey and I’m really glad you’re my friend!

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