A Real Looker

College was FUN! While I went to my classes most of the time, my focus was definitely on social interactions.

One frat house seemed to meet the needs of my new friends and me the most. They offered free booze and, more importantly, a dedicated dance party in the house basement. The guys were friendly and let’s face it—what college guys weren’t friendly to freshman girls? So, we joined their Little Sister program.

I was assigned a Big Brother to navigate the process and look out for me. Naturally, mine was one of the better dancers and was an absolute pro at the tight roll of his jeans. He had a slightly southern Illinois accent that had him pronouncing Mod as Maude and it was endearing. He really was a nice guy and I felt lucky.

One day, I was sitting upstairs in the frat living room area and a real looker strolled in. A wave of heat rolled right through my body, and a voice, clear as can be shouted in my head: YOU’RE GOING TO MARRY THAT GUY. I’ll call him “Mike Brothers”.

I was intrigued. The problem was, Mike Brothers was dating someone, and I was kind of friends with her. Bummer! Good thing campus was full of other cuties to grab my attention and keep me fully distracted from the mundane things like going to class and studying.

I will say this: Mike Brothers was on my radar.

One task Little Sisters were expected to accomplish was to get the signature of every guy in the house on the wooden paddle that our Big Brothers gifted us with.

At this time in my budding college career, I was skipping down the stairs in my dorm and missed the bottom step. Thankfully, the security team on campus was able to drive me to the ER and I returned with torn ligaments on my right ankle and a shiny pair of crutches. I was devastated that I couldn’t participate in aerobics any longer and also not too sad that I was able to legitimately miss classes for a few days.

Tammy and I, fresh from the ER with my jacked-up ankle.

This injury did not deter my quest for signatures, and especially my newfound mission of getting to know Mike Brothers.

I tucked the wooden paddle under my chin and crutched around that frat house like a champ. I specifically crutched carefully to room 13, heart racing, and flashed a dazzling smile at Mike Brothers. You can bet I got that coveted signature.

There it is!

It took a while to meet all of the guys and during that time I decided I needed to get more face time with Mike Brothers. I will note here that I respected the fact that he was in a relationship. I will also say I found the match a little odd and didn’t think it would hurt to seek him out again, flip my paddle to the other side, and get his sexy signature just one more time…

He got fancy with this one!

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